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Looking for your photos? Try searching by your race number. When possible images have been tagged with any numbers visible in the photo. enjoys robust web traffic from Connecticut’s adventure sports community. Below are some key monthly web traffic statistics from Google Analytics for

• Sessions: 2,462

• Users: 1,595

• Pageviews: 38,484

• Pages/Session: 15.63

• Average Session Duration: 3:44

• Bounce Rate: 37.65%

• Location: 91% Connecticut

*Statistics from the time period of August 24th to September 24th, 2014

The majority of Connecticut Outdoor Guide readers are males aged 25 to 54. Below is a demographic breakdown of current Connecticut Outdoor Guide Facebook followers:

The content of Connecticut Outdoor Guide appeals directly to cyclists and triathletes.

On average, triathletes are from high socio-economic backgrounds with median incomes of $126,000. Below are some additional socio-economic statistics for triathletes:

• 49% report white-collar jobs

• 19% report professional jobs such as doctor, lawyer or accountant

• 12% are students or education workers

• 12% are blue or gray collar workers

• 6% are government or military


The cycling community is socio-economically similar to the triathlon community:


If you would like to get your business’s message in front of this audience Connecticut Outdoor Guide offers a variety of advertising packages.

The below graphic illustrates the various modules on that support advertisements and the corresponding price on a per month basis:

Please note:

Prices include no ad rotation. Once purchased your advertising is visible 100% of the time.

Approximately 45% of traffic comes from mobile devices. All sidebar ads appear above the content on the mobile view of

For more information or to discuss the specifics of your business’s Connecticut Outdoor Guide ad campaign please contact Christopher Moore at

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